My Birth Doula services include

  • One free, introductory meeting at a coffee shop to get to know each other and see if I am a good match for your family, needs and personality
  • Once you hire me, I will be available for phone calls and emails during business hours in case you have questions or concerns
  • I will meet with you at least twice before the birth (2 hours each)  to help you develop a birth plan, work on personalized relaxation and comfort techniques, go over labor positions,  aspects of newborn behavior/ needs, questions etc.
  • From week 37-42 I will be on call (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
  • At the beginning of labor, I will support you on the phone and will join you either at home or your birthplace as soon as you feel the need for me to join you
  • I will continuously support you/and your partner throughout the labor and birth process no matter how long it will take
  • I will help you with getting breastfeeding started (if that is your choice) and understanding your baby’s first cues
  • I will stay with you for 1 or 2 hours after your precious baby’s birth or until you are both settled and well on the road to recovery
  • I will do one postpartum visit around 2-3 weeks after the birth to go over your birth and to make sure you are both doing well. I will keep an eye out for signs of postpartum depression and will most certainly enjoy your baby!!
  • I will also continue to be available for any questions, concerns or professional referrals and resources for 6 weeks after the birth.

The fee for my Birth Doula Services is $1000.  A retainer fee of  $500 will be due when you sign the contract, the remaining $500 will be due at your second prenatal meeting ( around week 35- 37 of your pregnancy).

I’m committed to supporting all moms who would like a doula and will offer a discount  according to specific need or special circumstances.

Additional prenatal visits to help mom relax and be better prepared Combining all the comfort techniques & labor positions with relaxation/ breathing/ gentle birthing /yoga  like methods that I tailor specifically to the individual needs of the mom  so that she can enter into that same relaxation mode easily during labor                                       cost: $35 an hour

My Postpartum Doula services include:

  • One free, introductory meeting at a coffee shop to get to know each other and see if I am a good match for your family, needs and personality
  • guidance, tips and help with all aspects of newborn care, including newborn behavior, feeding clues, breast/bottle feeding, bathing, sleep etc.
  • helping you gain a new way of balance and normalcy during this time of big transition through emotional and hands on support
  • helping you understand and respond to your newborn’s clues and needs (physically and emotionally) and thereby deepening your mutual bonding
  • “mothering the mother” – offering you well needed rest to better recover and adjust to your new role as a mom
  • calm, nurturing and non judgmental companionship
  • facilitating you to find your own parenting style
  • help with laundry, meal preparation, shopping and household organization
  • loving attention for the siblings to help them adjust better to the new family situation
  • daytime (3 hours minimum),  occasional overnight care (10pm-6am)

The fees for my Postpartum Doula Services are:

  • $30* per hour (3 hours min.) – *$35 from Jan. 2020 onwards
  • $240* occasional overnight (10pm-6am) – *$280 from Jan. 2020 onwards